Augmented Reality

#SHARPER European Researchers' Night

On 29th September 2017, VRAI team attended the SHARPER European Researchers’ Night. This event brought the general public and the world of research together in a party with entertainment mixing into communication to create activities focused on science, innovation, technology and general passion for research.

It hosted a number of shows, meetings and science cafes, performances between art and science, role games and friendly meetings animated by researchers and communication experts.

#FutureMakers Recupero delle antiche tradizioni attraverso le tecnologie del futuro

Il Comitato Giovani Imprenditori della CNA di Ancona, con il patrocinio dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche e del Comune di Fabriano, hanno organizzato al Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, una iniziativa formativa sul recupero delle antiche tradizioni attraverso le tecnologie del futuro.
Il Prof. Emanuele Frontoni, Roberto Pierdicca e Mirco Sturari hanno parlato di innovazione tecnologica: Precision Farming, 3D Modelling, Augmented Reality, Domotica.

Piero della Francesca. Il disegno tra arte e scienza

A personal own approach with the visual arts produces an increasing enjoyment for the users. The present exhibition joins the facsimile of Urbino’s Ideal City with two different contents: on the touch screen, the high definition picture of the painting with 3X zoom while the mobile app allows connecting several notes (textual or infographics) also over the painting throughout augmented reality (AR) technologies.

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