ASSECURE: A Sustainable framework for cyber SECURity in E-healthcare

Private and public companies’ infrastructures and services are delivered through cyberspace. Catastrophic events or cyber-attacks can undermine the security, privacy and reliability of the data and the services the companies provide. A special case is represented by healthcare sector where many medical devices contain configurable embedded computer systems, with their own hardware and software vulnerabilities. Moreover, healthcare records represent an extremely attractive target for cyber criminals, containing several bits of sensitive information all in one place.

Therefore, a cyber incident may cause: inaccessibility, or even loss, of the patient data, with significant delays on all hospital activities; unavailability of critical medical devices, even putting patients’ lives in danger.

ASSECURE is an academic scientific project that aims:

  • to evaluate the cyber risk within a typical healthcare environment
  • to customize the national framework for cyber security to the healthcare environment
  • to measure the possibility, for a healthcare organization, to implement a framework for cyber security at minimum costs
  • to evaluate the sustainability of the passage from the initial healthcare organization’s profile and the target profile expected