Introduction to model parallelism and multi GPU training

Avviso di seminario all’interno del corso di Computer Vision & Deep Learning.

Martedì 21/04/2020 alle ore 11.30, Giuseppe Fiameni, PhD, terrà un seminario online su Microsoft Teams intitoloato 'Introduction to model parallelism and multi GPU training'.

Per registrazioni all'evento seguire il link sottostante:


VRAI per la Giornata Mondiale della Consapevolezza dell’Autismo

Il Prof. Emanuele Frontoni e la PostDoc Sara Moccia sono intervenuti durante il convegno intitolato "Disturbo dello spettro autistico, buone pratiche e tecnologia", organizzato in occasione della Giornata Mondiale della Consapevolezza dell’Autismo, con una presentazione intitolata "La raccolta dati e l'occhio-AI".

PhD Thesis dissertation


Rocco Pietrini defended his PhD dissertation work entitled 'deep understanding of shopper behaviors and interactions in intelligent retail environment'.

The main goal was to develop computer vision applications to understand human behavior in retail context with specific tasks such as people counting, shopper analytics and re-identification improving the accuracy of the existing solutions.

Below the link to the video from VRAI youtube channel:



Chief-Editor @ Experimental Results Journal


Experimental Results is an open access Journal and publishes research papers from experimental disciplines across Science, Technology and Medicine, providing authors with an outlet for rapid publication of small chunks of research findings with maximum visibility.

Prof. Emanuele Frontoni is the Chief-Editor of Experimental Results Computer Sciences area.

More info about Experimental Results below:

Silver medal at the Milan Critical Care Datathon 2020

Sara Moccia (PostDoc), Lucia Migliorelli (PhD student) and Daniele Berardini (Research fellow), as part of the DiOxigen team, won the second prize at the Milan Critical Care Datathon 2020 (https://dat-icm-milan.com/).

Sara, Lucia and Daniele were responsible of developing advanced machine-learning solutions for predicting 7-day mortality and organ failure from one of the largest medical datasets acquired in intensive care units (https://mimic.physionet.org/).


Workshop Atlas @ Grenoble

Luca Romeo and Michele Bernardini attended at the Workshop entitled 'Machine Learning Applied to Medical Data', organized by Atlas of GdR MADICS on November 22 in Grenoble. The objective of the workshop is to bring together fellow statisticians, computer scientists, signal and image processors, neuroscientists as well as doctors, biologists and people from the industry.


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