VRAI - Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a research group hosted in the Department of Information Engineering - DII - Università Politecnica delle Marche. The group is involved in several projects and has researchers working and publisching in different fields.

Name Role E-mail
Primo Zingaretti Full Professor
Emanuele Frontoni Associate Professor
Adriano Mancini Associate Professor
Roberto Pierdicca Tenure Track Assistant Professor
Sara Moccia Post-Doctoral Researcher
Marina Paolanti External Collaborator (Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Department of Political Sciences, Communication and International Relations UNIMC),
Luca Romeo External Collaborator (Tenure Track Assistant Professor Computer Science Department Economics and Law UNIMC),
Alessandro Galdelli Assistant Professor
Rocco Pietrini Assistant Professor
Chiara Calamanti Post-Doctoral Researcher
Michele Bernardini Post-Doctoral Researcher
Andrea Felicetti Post-Doctoral Researcher
Alessandro Ferri Ph.D. Student
Raffaele Vaira Ph.D. Student
Massimo Martini Ph.D. Student
Lucia Migliorelli Ph.D. Student
Marco Mameli Ph.D. Student
Riccardo Rosati Ph.D. Student
Luca Rossi Ph.D. Student
Giulia Pazzaglia Ph.D. Student
Maria Chiara Di Cosmo Ph.D. Student
Francesca Villani Ph.D. Student
Maria Chiara Fiorentino Ph.D. Student
Daniele Berardini Ph.D. Student
Francesco Maria Martini Research Fellow
Arianna Vecchi Research Fellow
Giuseppe Cannata Ph.D. Student
Gionata Massi Past member [Ph.D.]
Annalisa Cenci Past member [Ph.D.]
Marco Contigiani Past member [Ph.D.]
Claudia Norscini Past member [Ph.D.]
Daniele Liciotti Past member [Ph.D.]
Mirco Sturari Past member [Ph.D.]
Mariapaola Puggioni Past member [Ph.D.]
Rama Pollini Past member [Ph.D.]
Gioele Luchetti Past member
Stefania Stimilli Past member
Roberto Rosetti Past member [Ph.D.]