TVHeads (Top-View Heads) Dataset

The TVHeads (Top-View Heads) dataset contains depth images of people from top-view configuration. In particular, the purpose of this dataset is to locate the heads of people who are present below the camera.
It contains a total of 1815 depth images (16 bit) with a dimension of 320 x240 pixels. Furthermore, after an image preprocessing phase, the depth images are also converted, with an appropriate scaling, in order to obtain an images (8 bit) where the heads silhouette is highlighted by improving image contrast and brightness. The ground truth was manually labelled by 6 human annotators. The following figure shows an example of a dataset instance that includes the three images described above.

To obtain this dataset, we ask you to complete, sign and return the form below. After that, I will send you the credentials to download it. Note that the dataset is available only for research purposes.

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Or alternatively you can download the dataset with the following link: