TVPR (Top View Person Re-identification) Dataset

Last Update: 2017-05-03

Person re-identification is an important topic in scene monitoring, human computer interaction, retail, people counting, ambient assisted living and many other computer vision research. The TVPR (Top View Person Re-identification) dataset stores depth frames (640x480) collected using Asus Xtion Pro Live in top-view configuration. This setup choice is primarily due to the reduction of occlusions and it has also the advantage of being privacy preserving, because faces are not recorded by the camera. The use of an RGB-D camera allows to extract anthropometric features for the recognition of people passing under the camera.

Dataset structure, download and conditions of use

The 100 people of TVPR were acquired in 23 registration session. The recording time [s] for the session and the number of persons of that session are reported in the following table. Each of the 23 folders contains the video of one registration sessions. Acquisitions have been performed in 8 days and the total recording time is about 2000 seconds. Registrations are made in an indoor scenario, where people pass under the camera installed on the ceiling. Another big issue is environmental illumination. In each recording session, the illumination condition is not constant, because it varies in function of the different hours of the day and it also depends on natural illumination due to weather conditions. 

The recruited people are aged between 19 - 36 years: 43 females and 57 male; 86 with dark hair, 12 with light hair and 2 are hairless. Furthermore, of these people 55 have short hair, 43 have long hair. The subjects were recorded in their everyday clothing like t-shirts/sweatshirts/shirts, loose-fitting trousers, coats, scarves and hats. In particular, 18 subjects wore coats and 7 subjects wore scarves. All videos have fixed dimensions (640x480 pixels) and a frame rate of about 30fps.

Videos are saved in native .oni files (depth and color streams), but can be converted in any other format. Colour stream is available in a non compressed format.

Video ID time[s] # person
g001 68.765 4
g002 53.253 3
g003 50.968 2
g004 59.551 3
g005 75.571 4
g006 128.827 7
g007 125.044 6
g008 75.972 3
g009 94.336 4
g010 116.861 6
g011 101.614 5
g012 155.338 7
g013 102.283 6
g014 92.028 5
g015 126.446 6
g016 86.197 4
g017 95.817 5
g018 57.903 3
g019 82.908 5
g020 87.228 4
g021 42.624 2
g022 68.394 3
g023 56.966 3
Total 2004.894 100

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TVPR Dataset Results