RADiAL Dataset

Last Update: 2017-01-12

The RADiAL dataset was collected in an open-plan office of the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS). The office consists of a kitchenette, resting area, lounge and 20 working places that are occupied by students and postdoctoral researchers. We installed a ceiling RGB-D camera that took a snapshot of the kitchenette area every second for 5 days, and we hand-annotated activities of one of the researchers over time. Furthermore, the RADiAL dataset contains head and hands 3D positions for each person that a minute-by-minute timeline of 5 different activities performed at the kitchen over the course of days.

Dataset structure

  • MongoDB

The provided archives contain dump of mongodb.

  • Color images

Color images of the dataset are arranged into eight folders according to the location they were captured at. Images were captured on a regular basis every 1 seconds and their filename corresponds to the time they were captured at. For example 00000.jpg was captured at midnight the first day, 00012.jpg at 2:10 am on the first day and 00145.jpg at 0:10am of the second day of the data collection.