Shelf space re-allocation for out of stock reduction

TitleShelf space re-allocation for out of stock reduction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsFrontoni E, Marinelli F, Rosetti R, Zingaretti P
JournalComputers & Industrial Engineering

A planogram is a detailed visual map that establishes product positions over a shelf in a retail store. It is designed to support an innovative merchandising approach, to increase sales and profits, to supply the best location of a product for suppliers and to better manage the shelves. Product selection and the shelf space reserved to each product is a central activity for retailers and Shelf Out of Stock (SOOS) events are often strongly related to planogram design. In this paper we present a solution to optimally re-allocate shelf space to minimize Out of Stock (OOS) events. The approach uses SOOS data coming in real time from a sensor network technology, named Shelf Detector System, and an Integer Linear Programming model that integrates a space elastic demand function. Experimental results, based on a real scenario in the diaper category in Belgium, have proved that the system can efficiently calculate a proper solution able to re-allocate space and reduce OOS events.