HMM-based activity recognition with a ceiling RGB-D camera

TitleHMM-based activity recognition with a ceiling RGB-D camera
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLiciotti D, Frontoni E, Zingaretti P, Bellotto N, Duckett T
Conference NameICPRAM (International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods)
Date Published02/2017

Automated recognition of Activities of Daily Living allows to identify possible health problems and apply corrective strategies in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). Activities of Daily Living analysis can provide very useful information for elder care and long-term care services. This paper presents an automated RGB-D video analysis system that recognises human ADLs activities, related to classical daily actions. The main goal is to predict the probability of an analysed subject action. Thus, the abnormal behaviour can be detected. The activity detection and recognition is performed using an affordable RGB-D camera. Human activities, despite their unstructured nature, tend to have a natural hierarchical structure; for instance, generally making a coffee involves a three-step process of turning on the coffee machine, putting sugar in cup and opening the fridge for milk. Action sequence recognition is then handled using a discriminative Hidden Markov Model (HMM). RADiaL, a dataset with RGB-D images and 3D position of each person for training as well as evaluating the HMM, has been built and made publicly available.