PFIZER Seminar: Innovation driven by smart manufacturing and industry 4.0

Pfizer with sponsorship of AFI & ISPE organized the last 21st june at Hotel Casale, Colli del Tronto (AP), a seminar to share the vision and challenges to pursue new opportunities. Improve knowledge, common understanding and awareness on Status of the Art and Trends of this innovative industrial revolution to Manufacturing Automation known as SMART MANUFACTURING / INDUSTRY 4.0. Explore enabling technologies and how to access to available funds. Identify potential business opportunities enabled by SM. Compare the European approach (INDUSTRY 4.0) vs. the US approach (SMART MANUFACTURING).

It was addressed to:

  • Technology Providers
  • Academic Institutions & Scientific community (University)
  • End Users (Pharma)

The Rector of UNIVPM Professor Sauro Longhi attended with a presentation entitled "Scientific Research and the Roamap of Industry National Cluster". It was about Pathways of National and European Research towards INDUSTRY 4.0. Funds, Programs and opportunities promoted by EU Community. 

Professor Emanuele Frontoni, Professor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Professor Andrea Monteriù of UNIVPM attended with a presentation entitled "Smart Manufacturing: State of the art and perspective". It was about the smart manufacturing scenario that is a set of infrastructure and approaches that lets operators make real-time use of big data flows from fully-instrumented plants in order to improve productivity, optimize supply chains, and improve energy, water, and materials use. Best practices from SoA and future perspectives was presented to set up a common ground of discussion.