Internet of Things Hackathon

Two teams of Università Politecnica delle Marche have partecipated to the Internet of Things Hackathon, a informatics marathon where technology and talent meet the needs of the industrial world. The competition, organized by Var Group was held in Cervia.

The aim of the competition was to identify and implement innovative solutions to some problems formulated directly by the companies, which this year belonged to the sector of the retail and food. 

Univpm projects are two: Team "noComment" (3rd place) and Team Coding Product Innovation (4th place).  The members of "noComment" team are: Vittorio Morganti, Matteo Mazzanti, Ilario Pierbattista and Vincenzo Di Sciullo. Team members of "Coding innovation" team are: Alessandro Staffolani, Marika Fianesi, Giuseppe Albanian, Davide Valeri and Matteo Romanelli.