Future Retail Challenge - World Retail Congress 2016@Dubai

Annalisa Cenci, Marina Paolanti (PhD students, Department of Information Engineering), Francesco Boemi (Student of Economics and Marketing) and Carlo Junior Bronzi (Student of Architectural engineering) with the help of Roberto Pierdicca and Francesco Sforza (PhD students) attended at the international competition “Future Retail Challenge” of World Retail Congress, Dubai, last 12th april - 14 april 2016, sponsored by Grottini Advanced Retail World.

"WellDone!" is the brand name of the future para-pharmacy proposed by the team, to compete with the US giant Walgreens.

They have been competing with the Fashion Institute of Technology New York, Fashion Retail Academy London, Institute of Textiles and Clothing Hong Kong Polytechnic University ITC Team and FEP School of Economics and Management Porto.