Capturing the human action semantics using a query-by-example

TitleCapturing the human action semantics using a query-by-example
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMontesanto A., Baldassarri P, Dragoni A.F., Vallesi G., Puliti P
Conference NameSIGMAP 2008 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications

The paper describes a method for extracting human action semantics in video's using queries-by-example.b Here we consider the indexing and the matching problems of content-based human motion data retrieval. The query formulation is based on trajectories that may be easily built or extracted by following relevant points on a video, by a novice user too. The so realized trajectories contain high value of action semantics. The semantic schema is built by splitting a trajectory in time ordered sub-sequences that contain the features of extracted points. This kind of semantic representation allows reducing the search space dimensionality and, being human-oriented, allows a selective recognition of actions that are very similar among them. A neural network system analyzes the video semantic similarity, using a two-layer architecture of multilayer perceptrons, which is able to learn the semantic schema of the actions and to recognize them.