Pixel, object and hybrid classification comparisons

TitlePixel, object and hybrid classification comparisons
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBernardini A., Frontoni E, Malinverni ESavina, Mancini A, Tassetti A N, Zingaretti P
JournalJournal of Spatial Science

The choice of the best classification approach for thematic map generation relies on many factors, such as image resolution and minimum mapping unit. The generalized GIS-ready products derived from the results of pixel-based approaches and the availability of higherresolution imagery have directed research towards object-based classification approaches. In this paper we present the superior performance of a hybrid methodology that combines the results of automatic segmentation with the land cover information derived from a pixel classification by means of the Winner Takes All (WTA) algorithm. Land use and land cover results obtained through this hybrid classification approach are compared with those of a One Against All (OAA) object-oriented classification approach. © 2010 Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute and Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia.