Interoperability issues among smart home technological frameworks

TitleInteroperability issues among smart home technological frameworks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsRossi L., Belli A., De Santis A., Diamantini C., Frontoni E, Gambi E., Palma L., Pernini L., Pierleoni P., Potena D., Raffaeli L., Spinsante S., Zingaretti P, Cacciagrano D., Corradini F., Culmone R., De Angelis F., Merelli E., Re B.
Conference NameMESA 2014 - 10th IEEE/ASME International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications, Conference Proceedings

Population aging may be seen both as a human success story, the triumph of public health, medical advancements and economic development over diseases and injures, and as one of the most challenging phenomena that society faces in this century. Assistive technology in all its possible implementations (from Telemedicine to Ambient Assisted Living, and Ambient Intelligence) represents an emerging answer to the needs of the new generation of older adults whose desire is to live longer with a higher quality of life. Objective of this paper is to present the results of a public financed action for the development and implementation of an 'integration platform' for Ambient Assisted Living that includes features of home automation (energy management, safety, comfort, etc.) and introduces 'smart objects', to monitor activities of daily living and detect any abnormal behavior that may represent a danger, or highlight symptoms of some incipient disease.