Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Perception is a set of processes through which a system builds and maintains representations of the real world on a sensory basis. In an intelligent artificial system, the cooperation between perceptual and cognitive processes is fundamental for the interaction between the system and the world, and learning is the basis of this interaction, as it allows to modify, update and integrate the representations within the system. However, the realizations of applications dealing with the interpretation of real world images are hampered at least by the following problems: lack of generality in the techniques adopted, the breadth of data to be managed and of the space to search for solutions, difficulties in the evaluation of results. So, most of the Machine and Deep Learning techniques analyzed and implemented belong to this area.

Contact Person: Primo Zingaretti, Adriano Mancini

Collaborations – Research Centers: UCL London (UK), Max Plank Institute (DE), IPK (DE)
Collaborations – Companies: Meteda, FIMMG, Netmedica Italia, Ospedali Riuniti, P&G, Angelini Famaceutici, Fater, Cooperativa Il Faro, Fondazione con I Bambini, Human Fondation, CNR IRBIM

Projects: Human Behaviour Analysis, Retail, eHealth (SINC "System Improvement for Neonatal Care", IOT "Intelligent Oncology Telecare")