C++ Day 2016 @ Florence

Saturday 29 October, the first C++ Day happened in Florence, a free Italian event entirely dedicated to C++. Almost 80 people attended (100 actually enrolled, the drop rate was ~20%). We co-organized the event with Develer. The event was sponsored by Soft2000 and supported by JetBrains and O’Reilly Media.

The C++ Day was awesome! We had 6 great technical sessions, a Workshop, a Coding Dojo and a Q/A plenary panel. A big part of the event was allocated for networking and interaction.

PhD. student Daniele Liciotti attended the C++ Day.

Structure and contents of the event

The C++ Day in numbers:

  • 6×60′ technical sessions
  • 1×60′ C++ Coding Dojo
  • 1×60′ C++ Unconference
  • 1×45′ Q/A panel
  • 1×135′ Workshop
  • 150′ allocated for networking

Talk topics:

  • C++17 for the daily job (my talk – slides in ENG)
  • Graphics Stack in Qt (Luca Ottaviano)
  • C++ & Kafka: high performance streaming (Gian Lorenzo Meocci – slides in ENG)
  • Data Oriented Design: high performance in C++ (Daniele Bargiacchi)
  • Introduction to Modern C++ for WinRT (Raffaele Rialdi)
  • API Design in C++ (Marco Foco)