VRAI MSc-Thesis Dissertation

Our MSc students, Mariachiara Di Cosmo and Francesca Pia VIllani, succesfully presented their thesis work in the framework of the Master's degree programme in Biomedical Engineering at UNIVPM: 

1) (Di Cosmo) Deep Learning Based 2D-3D Registration System For Augmented Visualization In Image Guided Endovascular Surgery - VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qi7iYE0IIPQ

2) (Villani) Development of an Augmented Reality system based on marker tracking for robotic-assisted minimally invasive spine surgery - VIDEO: https://youtu.be/5382T47JXas

The thesis work was developed in collaboration with Vicomtech (Spain) https://www.vicomtech.org/en, where the two students spent 6 months.

Congratulation to the new Biomedical Engineers of UNIVPM!