SHARD (SHelf mAnagement Row Dataset) and SHAPE (SHelf mAnagement Product datasEt) Dataset

SHAPE (SHelf mAnagement Product datasEt) contains 50K images of 17K different SKU belonging to 62 different categories, fine-grained labeled with their European Article Number (EAN). SHARD (SHelf mAnagement Row Dataset) contains 22K images of shelves collected in about 2000 different supermarkets in Italy.

To obtain these datasets, as well as the implementation code, we ask you to complete, sign and return the form below. After that, I will send you the credentials to download it. Note that the dataset is available only for research purposes.

  • Fill out this formrequest form
  • Send it to: (Note: you should send the email from an email address that is linked to your research institution/university)
  • Wait for the credentials
  • You will be sent a link for the download.