SCREEN Dataset

The store target in which sCREEN dataset was collected is a German supermarket, during the business hours. This dataset is composed by the information gathered through the sensors installed in the shopping carts and baskets in the analysed supermarket. Location data generated from sensor equipped moving shopping carts and baskets are typically collected as streams of spatio-temporal (x, y, t) points that when put together form corresponding trajectories. As a prior step, we filtered the points with an attraction time in front of a shelf/category less than 5 seconds and the trajectories made in less than 2 minutes because too short and not suitable to this analysis. Trajectory construction is evidently necessary for mobility data processing and understanding, including tasks like trajectory data cleaning, compression, and segmentation so as to identify trajectory episodes like stops (e.g. while observing a shelf) and moves. However, for each consumer trajectory construction we consider that when the cart or basket is stopped for 5 or more minutes it is taken by another consumer so we have new trajectory. The data were collected over a period of 30 days.


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