PhD student @ GfK Verein

Ph.D. student Marina Paolanti has worked for three months at GfK Verein in Nuremberg (Germany). During this period, she was involved in a project for the sentiment classification of brand-related social media pictures under the supervision of Dr. Carolin Kaiser and Renè Schallner.

She discussed the results of this project during a presentation with the other members of GfK verein and GfK Marketing and data sciences in the precence of Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner.

She took part in the GfK's Fundamental Research team. The main task facing GfK's Fundamental Research department is to assess current trends within research and society of potential relevance to consumer research and marketing, or which will become relevant in the near future. The process involves pioneering statistical approaches, theoretical models and new survey methods.

In addition to its own studies aimed at assessing these new approaches and its collaborations with market-research users, GfK Fundamental Research is also cooperating closely with academic institutions. This can take the form of joint research projects or the supervision of projects and dissertations. One of the aims in this regard is to develop new market research instruments out of highly promising research trends.

GfK Verein is GfK SE's majority shareholder. As a responsible majority shareholder, the GfK Verein is committed to enhancing the value of the company in a sustainable fashion. GfK Verein is a non-profit organization and it is committed to fostering market research.