FIMMG Dataset

The FIMMG dataset has been collected from a unique General Practitioner’s Electronic Health Record. It consists of 2433 patients and 10 main fields. The number of different features for each main field is enclosed in square brackets:

  • Demographic (Gender, Age, Civil status)
  • Monitoring (Blood pressure, Height, Weight, BMI)
  • Lifestyle [14]
  • Vaccination [10]
  • Allergies and intolerances [71]
  • Exemptions [72]
  • Examination prescriptions [401]
  • Pathologies [885]
  • Drug prescriptions [508]
  • Laboratory exams [103]

To obtain the FIMMG dataset:

  • Send an email to: (Note: you should send the email from an email address that is linked to your research institution/university)
  • You will be sent a form to fill out
  • Wait for the credentials
  • You will be sent a link for the download


Please cite our work using the following bib:

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  author={Bernardini, Michele and Romeo, Luca and Misericordia, Paolo and Frontoni, Emanuele},
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The code associated to our work can be found here