Eye Tracking dataset for CH

The eye-tracking data are recorded by using a Tobii Eye-Tracker X2-60 and the Imotions Attention Tool software (vers. 5.7). The eye-tracking dataset stores eye-tracking data collected from 34 participants to the tests. In particular, the 18 adults taken in exam in this work are Italian students and employees at Università Politecnica delle Marche. Instead, the 16 children are students of primary school. In both cases, all the acquisitions are collected in a quiet room and under standard illumination conditions. Each participant was seated 60 cm from the eye-tracker and monitor. The dataset collects the values of FixationX and FixationY, which represent the pixels where the attention of the user is focused. Furthermore, we record the FixationDuration, i.e. the duration in milliseconds of the attention at the point of coordinates (FixationX,FixationY). 

The pictures present similar features and were chosen by CH experts in order to provide coherent visual stimuli. From the historiographic point of view, all the pictures are related to the ``Ideal City'' theme, that is a very large and recurrent topic in Renaissance age. Those representations are the most beguiling images of a community governed by mathematical order, according the cosmology and philosophical reflections by the Umanesimo. The paintings in our dataset are the three Ideal Cities (Urbino, Baltimore and Berlin): they look very similar with differences such as the human presence or the horizon level.

To obtain this dataset, as well as the implementation code, we ask you to complete, sign and return the form below. After that, I will send you the credentials to download it. Note that the dataset is available only for research purposes.

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