Empowered Optical Inspection by Using Robotic Manipulator in Industrial Applications.

TitleEmpowered Optical Inspection by Using Robotic Manipulator in Industrial Applications.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGaldelli A, Pagnotta DProietti, Mancini A, Freddi A, Monteriù A, Frontoni E
Conference NameIROS
Date Published11/2019

Nowadays the inspection of products at the end of line represents a critical phase. At this stage, it is necessary to look for defects in order to prevent the quality check to fail, and to provide information for improving the production as well. This task can be performed by using several sensing technologies, and the contactless optical inspection plays a key role. In this regard, the use of advanced robotic manipulators offers the capability to change the viewpoint of a given object and to inspect its multiple faces. We propose an approach that combines the use of photometric stereo to derive a 3D model of objects, empowered by the super-resolution that is applied on the original dataset (upstream) or on the normal images (downstream) in order to increase the quality of the final 3D model. The vision system is mounted on a robotic manipulator, able to grasp and change the viewpoint, thus offering a more completeviewoftheobjecttobeinspected.Theobtainedresults show that the developed solution increases the quality of the derived 3D models used for inspection tasks on different faces of the objects; this is achieved by using the manipulation ability offered by the adopted robotic platform.