Computer Graphics

The research in this area is mainly related to Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality systems and to the development of Computer Games. In many research areas, such as cultural heritage, tourism and medicine, there is a strong technological investment in Augmented Reality, which offers the possibility to enrich the real world with digital media content, thus increasing the quality of many everyday experiences. For example, in the project "La città Ideale" the user can discover many hidden contents of a painting by framing it and can also view and interact with video and pictures to know details and curiosities of the most important works of the Italian Renaissance. Although gaming and entertainment have made considerable progress in recent years, there are few commercial entertainment systems that use Augmented Reality and so we have studied and developed a framework for such gaming applications.

Contact Person: Primo Zingaretti

Collaborations – Research Centers: IIT (IT), Univ. of Macerata (IT), Univ. of Bologna (IT)
Collaborations – Companies: Ubisive, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Wega, Marca Fermana, Regione Marche, Comune di Fermo (le attività relative ai beni culturali digitali sono realizzate in collaborazione con il DICEA)

Projects: Digital Cultural Heritage, Industry 4.0