BigDat 2017 @ Bari

Mirco Sturari, PhD student, attended at BigDat 2017, 3rd International Winter School on Big Data in Bari, Italy, February 13-17, 2017.

BigDat 2017 will be a research training event with a global scope aiming at updating participants about the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing area of big data, which covers a large spectrum of current exciting research and industrial innovation with an extraordinary potential for a huge impact on scientific discoveries, medicine, engineering, business models, and society itself.

3,2,1… Industria 4.0 Made in Marche al via!

Martedì 14 febbraio alle ore 15:00, presso Confindustria Ancona - via Ing. Roberto Bianchi snc (zona Baraccola):

  • Prof.ssa Diletta Cacciagrano (Università di Camerino) per IOT per processi flessibili
  • Prof. Rosario Culmone (Università di Camerino) per Cloud e HPC in azienda
  • Prof. Emanuele Frontoni (Università Politecnica delle Marche) per Sistemi ciber-fisici e realtà aumentata
  • Prof. Andrea Monteriù (Università Politecnica delle Marche) per Robotica e manutenzione predittiva 

Il workshop è organizzato grazie ai fondi ricevuti dal programma europeo I4MS per la costituzione di un Digital Innovation Hub nella regione Marche, di cui Confindustria Marche è coordinatore, in partnership con Cluster Marche Manufacturing.

Marche Punto Europa

Risorse su cui contare. Con i fondi Europei nuove opportunità per un nuovo sviluppo. Sono intervenuti guidati dal Conduttore Maurizio Socci:  la Preside dell'istituto Montani di Fermo Margherita Bonanni, Fabio Travagliati della Regione Marche, il Sindaco di Fermo Paolo Calcinaro, Alessandro Migliore della CNA Fermo, Paolo Marzialetti direttore PAIMAR, Emanuele Frontoni Professore dell'Università Politecnica delle Marche e Alberto Salvaggio.

Progetta il tuo Futuro

5000 ragazzi hanno affollato l’Aula Magna, i laboratori e le aule delle facoltà dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche, arrivati da tutta la regione ma anche da Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo e Puglia, per raccogliere informazioni nella settimana di orientamento “Progetta il tuo futuro” dal 2 al 9 febbraio. Di questi 800 ragazzi hanno effettuato il test delle conoscenze.

Il Vrai team ha partecipato all'iniziativa mostrando un esempio di lezione universitaria di Fondamenti di Informatica ed i tanti nessi tra informatica e Ingegneria, Agraria, Scienze, Medicina e Economia.

Fermhamente - Festival della Scienza @ Fermo

From 2nd to 5th of February took place in Fermo "Fermhamente - Festival della Scienza".

Univpm and Vrai team have partecipated with workshops, tutorial and educational events.

The festival has supported by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo, the Chamber of Commerce, high schools (Istituto “C. Urbani” - Porto S. Elpidio, Isc Nardi - Porto San Giorgio, Istituto professionale “O. Ricci” - Fermo, ITET “Carducci-Galilei” - Fermo, ITT Montani - Fermo, Liceo Artistico “Preziotti-Licini” - Fermo, Liceo Classico “A. Caro” - Fermo, Liceo Scientifico “T.C.Onesti” - Fermo), Conservatorio Pergolesi  - Fermo and University of Camerino, University of Macerata, University of Urbino and Università Politecnica delle Marche. 

Executive Master in Big Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

Marco Contigiani e Mirco Sturari hanno tenuto le lezioni nell'ambito del Executive Master in Big Data Analysis & Business Intelligence realizzato da SIDA Group.
Hanno parlato di elaborazione e gestione dei Big Data con il framework Hadoop e di Data Visualization and Analysis.

ICPR2016 @ Cancùn (Mexico)

PhD. student Daniele Liciotti attended at the ICPR2016 conference (International Conference on Pattern Recognition) in Cancùn (Mexico) last 4-8th december 2016.
He presented the manuscripts "Person Re-Identification Dataset with RGB-D Camera in a Top-View Configuration" and "Pervasive System for Consumer Behaviour Analysis in Retail Environments" in the workshop on Video Analytics for Audience Measurement.

PhD Thesis

Ph.D. Candidate Roberto Pierdicca reached the first milestone of his studies with his thesis "Senseable Spaces: from a theoretical perspective to the application in augmented environments".

The summary of the abstract:
Given the tremendous growth of ubiquitous services in our daily lives, during the last few decades we have witnessed a definitive change in the way users' experience their surroundings.At the current state of art, devices are able to sense the environment and users’ location, enabling them to experience improved digital services, creating synergistic loop between the use of the technology, and the use of the space itself. We coined the term Senseable Space, to define the kinds of spaces able to provide users with contextual services, to measure and analyse their dynamics and to react accordingly, in a seamless exchange of information. Following the paradigm of Senseable Spaces as the main thread, we selected a set of experiences carried out in different fields; central to this investigation there is of course the user, placed in the dual roles of end-user and manager. The main contribution of this thesis lies in the definition of this new paradigm, realized in the following domains: Cultural Heritage, Public Open Spaces, Geosciences and Retail. For the Cultural Heritage panorama, different pilot projects have been constructed from creating museum based installations to developing mobile applications for archaeological settings. Dealing with urban areas, app-based services are designed to facilitate the route finding in a urban park and to provide contextual information in a city festival. We also outlined a novel application to facilitate the on-site inspection by risk managers thanks to the use of Augmented Reality services. Finally, a robust indoor localization system has been developed, designed to ease customer profiling in the retail sector. The thesis also demonstrates how Space Sensing and Geomatics are complementary to one another, given the assumption that the branches of Geomatics cover all the different scales of data collection, whilst Space Sensing gives one the possibility to provide the services at the correct location, at the correct time.


Exploring eLearning @ Milano

1 e 2 Dicembre 2016. Univpm a Milano presso le Officine del Volo con Amicucci Formazione per Exploring ELearning, la collaborazione scientifica all'evento ed i laboratori sul "Training on the job" basato su Augmented Reality con l'esperienza di Intermac ed i glass IAR